In the middle part of the Adriatic, on 15 km of attractive shote, with many coves and numerous islands of the channel of Pasman there is a Sv. Filip i Jakov riviera.


Sailing - The Riviera of Sv. Filip i Jakov is ideal for sailing with many sunny days and enough wind.
In the mere centre of Sv. Filip i Jakov there is a school of sailing.

  • Sailing club "Sv. Filip i Jakov" phone: +385 98 272-974; +385 91 583-8382
  • Centar jedrenja na dasci "The Surf PIT" phone: +385 91 7361 901; +385 91 1717 101

Tennis - You can play tennis in Sv. Filip i Jakov during tourist season in tourist village “Croatia”. These courts give special pleasure being placed along the seaside and after finishing a game you can find refreshment on the nearby beaches.


Diving - Scuba Diving Club:

  • "Albamaris" - Biograd, phone: +385 23 385-435; +385 99 534-783
  • "Bougainville diving", Biograd, phone: +385 23 385-900; +385 23 385-90
  • "Delfin ronioci", Biograd, phone: +385 23 384-841; +385 98 799-051 E-mail:
  • Ronilački centar No Limit Diver, phone: +385 99 2319 089
  • Information on scuba diving in Croatia can be found at web address:

Beach volleyball - You have at your disposal volleyball courts on the beach of tourist complex “Croatia” and local beach “Iza Banja”.

odbojka na pijesku

Cycling & hiking - Cyclists can rent bikes in the centre of Sv. Filip i Jakov and enjoy the ride on cycling paths to viewpoints “Crni krug”, which offers a beautiful view of Pašman Channel, the Kornati archipelago, Lake Vrana and the Ravni Kotari region. The hiking and cycling path passes through the centre of the village and connects it with the town of Biograd, continuing towards the cycling path along Vrana Lake.

Rent a boat -You can rent a boat in Sv. Filip i Jakov and make a tour of surrounding beautiful coves on a pedal boat, motorboat or rowing boat. Fore more information please contact rent-a-boat:

  • "Love story" on the boardwalk of Sv. Filip i Jakov - phone: +385 91 388-3020
  • "Falkuša" - phone: +385 23 388-431; GSM +385 91 575-7215
  • "IGIN" - phone: +385 23 388-937

Semisubmarine - It's a boat which doesn't dive, but stays on the sea level and You are sitting in the underwater cabine 1,5m under the sea. The day tour lasts one our and the night one 30 min, during which You can see all the beauties of the Adriatic sea.

Park architecture on the area of Sv. Filip i Jakov

  • Borelli park - which is a valuable monument of the park architecture in the centre of town
  • Ruins of the castle Benediktinski dvor on Rogovo, divided into three parts: the oldest part dates back to the 12th century, the south part was built in the Middle Ages, while the upper layer comes from the time of Turks.
  • Borelli houses of the Oštrić family
Significant archaeological localities:
  • The island of Frmić: ruins of rustic villa with barrel vault; on the west side of the island in the sea there are wrecks of the basic quay construction in the shape of letter “L”.


National parks and Nature parks in region